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The Never Ending Struggle with Superannuation

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I recently attended a dinner where the speaker delivered a 15 minute talk on the rules around superannuation; he had a few tips and talked about the requirements for employers to ensure they were complying with Super Stream and paying their employees super.

The people at table rolled their eyes; you see most of them were bookkeepers.

How many times have you felt like you are banging your head against a brick wall in regards to this. I had a client outright refuse to pay an employee’s super because they had resigned and the employer didn’t like them! That employer still owes around $70,000 in unpaid super and doesn’t care that she or I should say her husband as the director, is personally responsible for the super.

So let’s get back to a few basics with super, and then we can delve into a few tips to encourage our clients to pay.

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